Déclaration conjointe au conseil permanent de l’OSCE

In reply to the Statement made by the Russian Federation,
this is a joint statement on behalf of France and Germany,
as members of the Normandy format, as well as on behalf of the members of the United Nations Security Council, namely Belgium, Poland, United Kingdom and the United States of America
(Permanent Council, 23rd May 2019)

We believe the statement made by the Russian Federation under this item is not aimed at contributing to the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine.
Russia attempted to raise the issue in the UNSC in New-York on May 20th. In our view, this issue should not distract from the peaceful, democratic transfer of power happening in Ukraine. In addition to what was already expressed at this occasion by France and Germany, we would like to state the following :

1. The law on “the functioning of Ukrainian as the state language” will come into force on the 16th of July and foresees partly years-long transitional periods. The new Ukrainian president and the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe should have time to analyze the law.

2. The people of Donbas continue to suffer ; both the security and humanitarian situations remain dire. That is why the clear priorities now are the comprehensive cease-fire, the withdrawal of heavy weapons and the humanitarian measures. On all those issues, progress is lacking. What we now urgently need is a renewed commitment by Russia and all sides to the Minsk Agreements and the Normandy Process.

3. We call for full, immediate and unconditional implementation of the Minsk agreements. The inauguration of the new Ukrainian president who expressed his determination to restore peace should be an opportunity to give a new impetus to those agreements.”

Dernière modification : 23/05/2019

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