Déclaration de la France au nom des trois pays co-présidant le Groupe de Minsk

Déclaration de la France au nom des trois pays co-présidant le Groupe de Minsk
Conseil permanent du 2 mars 2017

Monsieur le président,

La France souhaiterait, en réaction aux points soulevés par les délégations de l’Arménie et de l’Azerbaïdjan, et au nom des trois pays co-présidant le Groupe de Minsk, renvoyer aux dernières déclarations rendues publiques collectivement par ces derniers :

-  Le 17 février, à l’issue de leurs rencontres avec les Ministres d’Arménie et d’Azerbaïdjan, les ambassadeurs Igor Popov de la Fédération de Russie, Stéphane Visconti de France et Richard Hoagland des Etats-Unis ont notamment déclaré (je cite) :

The Co-Chairs discussed with the Ministers the current situation along the Line of Contact and the Armenia–Azerbaijan border. The Co-Chairs reiterated that there is no alternative to a peaceful solution to the conflict and that war is not an option, and called upon the sides to exercise restraint on the terrain as well as in their public communications and to prepare their population for peace and not for war. The Co-Chairs also urged the Sides to adhere strictly to the 1994/95 ceasefire agreements that constitute the foundation of the cessation of hostilities. The Co-Chairs recalled the May 2011 joint statements of their Presidents in Deauville emphasizing that the use of force would only bring more suffering and devastation and would be condemned by the international community. The Co-Chairs shared their views with the Sides on the steps which should be taken toward implementing decisions from the 2016 Summits in Vienna and St. Petersburg aimed at stabilizing the situation in the conflict zone.

The Co-Chairs stressed to the Ministers the need to demonstrate greater flexibility and to resume comprehensive negotiations on reaching a lasting settlement as soon as possible.

The Co-Chairs recognized that the Armenian authorities’ recent decision to return the body of an Azerbaijani serviceman was a helpful humanitarian gesture. The two Ministers reiterated their commitment to strictly observe their international humanitarian obligations including those of the Astrakhan Declaration of October 2010 issued by the Presidents of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the Russian Federation.

-  Le 26 février, suite aux rapports faisant état de violations graves du cessez-le-feu le long de la ligne de contact, les co-présidents du Groupe de Minsk ont déclaré :

« According to reports from the Ministries of Defence of Armenia and Azerbaijan, as well as other sources, in the early morning of 25 February there was a serious breach of ceasefire on the Line of Contact (LOC), resulting in casualties. Several bodies remain in no-man’s land. The Sides accuse each other of an incursion attempt.

The Co-Chairs call upon the Parties to keep heavy military equipment, which had been moved earlier close to the LOC, in its present positions and to allow recovery of the dead, as it was agreed upon yesterday under the mediation of the Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office.

The Co-Chairs remind the Parties of their commitments to refrain from the use of force. “

Je vous remercie de votre attention.

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