Groupe des amis de la sécurité des journalistes - Vienne, 5 juillet 2018

The Group of Friends on Safety of Journalists within the OSCE has the pleasure to invite you to a side-event on “Killings of journalists : the tip of the iceberg” on Thursday 5 July 2018 from 13:15 to 14:45 in room 533, Hofburg

Safety of journalists is a prerequisite for freedom of the media. Without a safe environment, journalists and other media actors cannot write or report freely and independently. The OSCE participating States have acknowledged the importance of safety of journalists and committed themselves to condemn all attacks on and harassment of journalist and to endeavor to hold those directly responsible for such attacks accountable (Budapest, 1994). Despite this strong commitment and progress over the years in international standards to protect safety of journalists, the perpetrators and instigators remain unpunished in around 85-90% of cases concerning killing of journalists in the OSCE region, allowing impunity to gradually become commonplace. Impunity has far-reaching effects : not only does it create a climate of fear, but it leads to self-censorship, an inherent detriment to journalistic work and to the public’s right to be informed, threatening the very foundations of democracy.

What are the consequences of impunity becoming commonplace ? How to put an end to impunity and what are the best practices in that regard ? How to step up OSCE efforts ? How does online abuse, threats and harassment, notably gender-based attacks against female journalists and other media actors, play into normalization of physical violence ? What is the respective role of governments, civil society and NGOs in combating impunity ?

- Katherine Sarikakis, Professor of Media Industries, Media Organisation and Media Governance, University of Vienna
- Jeremy Dear, Deputy General Secretary, International Federation of Journalists
-  Pavol Demeš, expert on international relations and civil society, author and photographer, Slovakia
- Aidar Botagarov, Office of the OSCE Representative on freedom of the media

Moderation by Dr. Rubina Möhring, President, Reporters without borders Austria

Lunch and refreshments will be provided




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