Journée internationale des migrants à l’OSCE :

La RP OSCE appelle à la lutte contre l’impunité des trafiquants de migrants.

2018 International Migrants Day
Ambassador Véronique Roger-Lacan’s concluding remarks at the
OSCE conference on
Promoting a multi-stakeholder approach for the effective socio-economic integration of migrants
Tuesday 18 December 2018 – Vienna – Hofburg

Much has been said throughout this conference, about migrants being victims of criminal groups, of forced labor, about labor shortages in the field of manufacturing, construction, agro-supply chains, about grey economies in the OSCE area, and hence, about the need to promote better integration policies, decent work in decent places for migrants who are badly needed for the national economies in the OSCE area.

My very short words of conclusion of those discussions will focus on the need for the OSCE, in order to be able to promote such a multi-stakeholder approach for the effective socio-economic integration of migrants, first to engage, at long last, and to start with, in the fight against the impunity of migrant traffickers.

According to EUROPOL :

1- migrant trafficking generates a revenue of 6 billion euros per year in Europe, for traffickers and their kingpins ;
2- there is no traceability of such huge amounts of funds generated by this trafficking ;
3- at the same time conditions of living of migrants are everyday more horrendous and precarious, and the cost of their management heavy on the finances of our governments and public services ;
4- this is as much money that governments and administrations cannot spend on their populations.

Hence, OSCE, because it reunites countries of origin, transit and arrival of migrants, and because it has the institutions for that (police unit, border management college, office of the coordinator for economy and environment, field missions), has a strategic responsibility in engaging in the fight against the impunity of migrant traffickers.

Only after having been able to mobilize together in this fight against the impunity of traffickers, will the 57 OSCE Participating States be able to promote effective socio-economic integration of migrants.

Because in the meantime, the effects of migrants exploitation by organized criminals are devastating. The transnational character of those organizations makes it difficult for police and justice officials to carry out international investigations. Migrants and local citizens are the victims of such traffickers. The OSCE needs to encourage increased cooperation among its Participating States to stop this downwards spiral./.

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